Business Plan & Market Survey

In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, many startups, small businesses and other ventures fall down sometimes as they don’t have a proper business plan though they are a good business model. If you are looking for an Excellent Business Plan or Business Plan Maker Professional for your new startup or small business to grow it faster, we can help you to make a proper Business Plan particularly suitable for Bangladesh. Business Plan will include key parts such as Title Page, Table of Contents, Execution Summary, Mission Statement, Financial Plan, Objectives, Company Overview, Industry Analysis and Marketing Strategy.

The Business Plan will be covering marketing and financial plans about your business. Your cooperation will be needed to make your Business plan effective.

We write business plans for every situation specially for:


For a startup business, creating a business plan is like creating a game plan in sports. Whether you are looking for initial growth or funding, a good business plan will take you to the top.


Customised business plans for Financial institution’s loans applications.

New Product/Service Launch

Custom made business plan for your product expansion.

Investor Funding

A good and convincing business plan for getting funds from your investor.

Venture Capital Funding

Business plans and relevant documentation for seed fund or venture capital funding rounds.